Lamb or Tofu Maple Mustard Skewers

Growing up in America..I didn’t eat a lot of lamb. However, ever since I’ve moved to Australia…I eat lamb often. It’s an interesting meat that not everyone likes, but it’s so yummy. If you’re not into the meat thing, then subsitute firm tofu instead. I did this with this recipe and it was awesome!

Lamb or Tofu Maple Mustard Skewers
1-2 serves

250g of lamb, cubed OR FIRM tofu
3 TB of fresh rosemary leaves
1 TB of maple syrup
1 TB of Dijon mustard
1 tsp. of crush garlic
.5 tsp. of salt (I didn’t use for the tofu)

marinade lamb or tofu for at least 2 hours..overnight is better
skewer onto bamboo or metal skewers. I’ve added the rosemary stem to the metal skewers because it looks nice. You can also just use the skewers or just use the rosemary stems.
For lamb, make sure that it’s medium done. For tofu, until it’s warm inside. We did our on the BBQ. If you were in a bind, you could bake or grill them in the oven or even pan fry them.




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