Chocolate & Pear Cake…and best frosting…

I love LOVE LOOOOVVVEEE dipping graham crackers in Betty Crocker Frosting. In fact, whenever I go home I’m instantly overwhelmed with the baking aisle of my local Safeway…because there are so many tubs of icing/frosting there. They’re also pack full of crud, nasty stuff that no one should really be eating all the time (sometimes, I’ll let you..I’ll let myself). I dreamed of a dark chocolate cake with pear in’s not exactly how I thought it would turn out..but it’s divine.

Then I put pear and butter and vanilla together..and it looked like crap. Then I thought that I’d add cocoa powder and yes, some powdered sugar. This icing is AMAZING. I don’t know about you, but there’s something special about making something that taste so.damn.good. I know that there’s refined sugar in it, so if you choose not to indulge in this, that’s cool.

Chocolate and Pear Cake
~15 serves

1 c. whole almonds
.5 c. GF oats
.5 c. honey
.5 c. cocoa powder
2 eggs
1 ripe pear, skinned and cored
.5 tsp. salt
1 tsp. vanilla
1 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. chia seeds

Preheat oven 180/350
In a food processor, add whole almonds and process until it’s a fine meal.
Add in oats, process until it’s a fine meal.
Add in honey, cocoa powder, pear and eggs. Process until incorporated and scrap down sides
Add salt, vanilla, baking powder and chia seeds. Process until incorporated and scarp down sides.
Line a 7×10 baking tray with baking paper. Evenly distribute batter into tray. Bake for 20-25 minutes.

This is the naked cake, sans a taste-testing corner…that’s essential. If it tastes like rubbish…then I won’t serve it.

Lucky it doesn’t 🙂 It’s super moist and can stand alone by itself. It’s very dark chocolate in nature. It’s my kinda cake.

The cake would be awesome with some non-dairy whipped cream or whatever type of ice cream you eat…or by itself.

However, if you’re keen to top it with some of the ‘best frostin’ eva!’ then please be my guest and lather it on. You only live once.

Chocolate and Pear Frosting
~1.5-ish cups

1 ripe pear, skinned and cored
3 TB vegan spread/butter
1 TB maple syrup
1 tsp. vanilla
.5 c. cocoa powder
2 c. powdered sugar

In a food processor, add pear, vegan spread/butter. Process until pear is fine chunks. You’ll most likely have to scrap down the sides a couple of times.
Add in maple syrup and vanilla. Process. Scarp down sides.
Add in cocoa powder and powdered sugar. Make sure to scrap down the sides.
Top over cooled cake

Then cut pieces…and eat spoonfuls of frosting.

Don’t save a piece for anyone.

Because it’s THAT good!

I took this cake to a big mouthed Australian man who I work with. He requested something…he ate four pieces. It’s THAT good!



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