Dark Chocolate Chewy Balls

Blame it on the hormones of a woman..but chocolate and peanuts are fabulous together. There really isn’t much to say about these chewy balls, except that they’re great, have healthy stuff in them, and grown-men will eat them..including my man who hates dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Chewy Balls
~12 balls

1.5 c. raw, unsalted, peanuts
.5 c. gf rolled oats
1 TB chia seeds
.5 c. dates
1 tsp. vanilla
.25 c. cocoa powder
.5 c. honey
1.5 TB stevia
.25 tsp. salt
.5 c. dairy free dark chocolate chips

In a food processor, process the chia seeds, peanuts and rolled oats. Process until combine and the peanuts and rolls are finely processed.
Add in dates and process until combined and fine
Add in vanilla, cocoa powder, stevia and salt. Process until combined.
Add in chocolate chips and process until combined.
I then rolled the dough into small balls. Placed on a non-stick surface and placed into the fridge for at least 2 hours.

They’re packed with good stuff for you.

People will eat them. You should to!



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