Punkin’ Pie

I preface this recipe with IT’S NOT gluten or dairy or refined sugar free. It’s got all the above and it tastes divine.

I didn’t know if I should even post this recipe, because it kinda goes against the premise of the blog and cooking food my body likes. My body doesn’t really do well with dairy. However, someone..and Australia colleague..requested Pumpkin Pie, because they watch American sport and want to be an America..who wouldn’t? jk.

So alas, I bring you Pumpkin Pie from scratch. I would have bought the canned pumpkin, but they only have it two weeks out of the year in Australia and they charge 9.50 a can. But it’s usually worth it. However, it’s not Thanksgiving season, so I got my butternut a rostin’.

Punkin’ Pie
1- 9″ deep dish pie

Pie Crust
2 c. self-rising flour
1 TB white sugar
.5 tsp salt
.5 c. cold butter (I used a dairy free spread)
2-2.5 TB cold water

Pie filling
1- 1.5kg (3lbs) butternut squash
2 eggs
375mls/14oz of creamy evaporated milk
.5 c. white sugar (could use stevia)
1 tsp. ground cinnamon
.5 tsp. ground ginger
.25 tsp. allspice
1/8th tsp. salt and nutmeg

Stage 1
Take the butternut squash and cut into quarter length-wist pieces.
Place in an oven at 220/400 for about 1 hour, until easily poked with a fork

Let cool

Stage 2
While the pumpkin is roasting, I made the pie crust.
In a medium bowl combine flour, sugar and salt
If using butter, cube. If using spread, then measure out how much you need then use your fingers to put little dabs into to the flour mixture.
The next is to mix the flour and butter together until it becomes crumbly. I used a PamperedChef pastry cutter…but a good ole’ fork will do.
Mix until the butter is incorporated and mixture is crumbly.
Now..water. It needs to be cold. I added at least 2 TB. What I’d suggest is 1.5 TB, then with your judgement add .5 TB at a time. A too wet mixture won’t work, too dry won’t work either. You want it to be bound together, not too crumbly, not to wet. tricky 😉
Combine into a small saucer, put back into bowl and cover with plastic wrap.

Stage 3
Scrap the pumpkin out off of the skin and measure our 2 c. of mashed pumpkin. Make sure it’s cooled down.
Add in a mixer of food processor and combine with eggs and milk. Blend/Process/Mix
Add in sugar, salt and spices. Blend/process/mix
Let stand

Stage 4
Take dough out of fridge.
Place dough on the wax paper, flour on top and roll out into an even round saucer. **I didn’t have a rolling pin, so I just used a big glass jar…like a big spaghetti sauce one and used that. It’s important to roll it out so that when you run your hands over the dough it’s even throughout and not too thick. Further you’ll need about 2-3″ bigger than the top of the pie pan so that you can easily place it into the dish and then have enough to crimp the edges.
This is an art form..so here’s a youtube link that will help out a bit
Once I have the dough rolled out, I fold the dough in half.
Transfer the folded over portion into half of the pie pan, then unfold whilst it’s in the pie pan. You have to be gentle and swift.

Add the pumpkin pie filling.

Crimp up the edges (refer back to youtube video). I used a tinge of water to seal any edges that weren’t meeting.
Place pie into a preheated oven at 180/350 for about 1 hour.
Let stand for at least 1 hour, then chill

Then eat for breakfast, snacktime or after a meal.



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