Greenie Dressing/Dip/Spread

What are some things I love

  • Mexican food
  • Black beans
  • Men who can dance
  • Cilantro
  • Avocados
  • Cashews
  • Fresh Food
  • American Football
  • Blueberries
  • My cat

I can’t have everything…but I do strive. I had a hankering for a zesty, filling dressing which would use up the 300 million leaves of coriander/cilantro which is taking over our garden. (now I can see all the plants, because we’ve weeded this weekend). Anyways, I’m a fan of it, so if you’re not..then you probably wouldn’t like this dressing.

But if you are..then hold onto your seats. I love this dressing. In fact, it’s so filling that you could use it solely as the topping to your salad, add in whatever protein you’d like, slap it on some bread..or if you’re weird like me..dip granny smith apples in it (they’re tasty).

Greenie Dip
~1 cup/4 serves

.5 avocado
3 TB cashews
3 TB diced red onion
.25 c. of orange juice or the juice of 1 orange
2 c. of cilantro leaves
3 TB yogurt (I used lactose-free, plain)
1/8 tsp salt
.5 tsp. garlic powder
1 tsp. red chili flakes

In a food processor combine all ingredients and process until smooth.

Top any salad, add whatever protein you’d like, marinade meat/tofu with it, slap it on a sandwhich or use as a dip.

It’s awesome. The longer it sits, the better it gets.




One thought on “Greenie Dressing/Dip/Spread

  1. at first glance, I thought that list was a recipe. Then I saw “my cat” at the bottom. Good thing my eyeballs did a double take.
    Men who can dance is cool. But men who can fix things… dead gawd, that is sexy.

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