Chocolate Cake Cherry Bars

What happens when you buy a bag of cherries? You make things with chocolate and cherries and then try not to eat all of them. I made these on a fluke as a dessert for a person’s invite for a swanky dinner night. They ate them and liked them. Andrew ate five the next day. They’re very dense, but they’re amazing. I think that, if you wanted, you could play with the recipe and add in cherry chunks to the frosting or even in the cake. You can’t really go wrong with cherries and chocolate..can you?

Chocolate Cake Cherry Bars
~18 serves


1 c. whole almonds
1 c. gluten free bread crumbs
1.5 c. unsalted cashews
3 eggs
.25 c. maple syrup
1 c. lactose-free yogurt or soy yogurt plain
.5 cocoa powder
.66 c. vegan spread, organic butter


.33 c. vegan spread, organic butter
1 c. of cherries, pitted
2 TB lactose free yogurt or soy yogurt plain
8 c. powdered/icing sugar


Pre-heat oven to 180/350
In a food processor combine and process at high speed almonds, cashews and bread crumbs until it’s a fine meal.
Add in butter, cocoa powder, eggs, maple syrup and yogurt. Process until combined.
Line a 7×10 pan with baking paper. Evenly spread out batter into the pan.
Bake for 20 minutes.


In a food processor, combine cherries, yogurt and butter. Process until incorporated.
Add in powdered/icing sugar.
Process until incorporated and at the right consistency for you.
What I did was place about 2 cups of frosting onto the warm cake and let it set at room temperature. That’s why it looks gloosy.

If you wanted to wait until the cake cools and then frost, that works as well.
This cake is awesome.

It’s dense, fun, enjoyable and is good at room temperature or out of the fridge.



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