‘Just Because’ Cake (cherryfilled w/ whitechocolateganache)

Sometimes life throws you little curve-balls that aren’t very nice. One of my young co-workers went for a job and wasn’t chosen. Those door shutting can sting. I reminded her that with every door closed, another opens. It’s hard though to see it in the midst of everything.

I chose to come to Australia six years ago. Turned away from teaching in the states. Then stayed..it’s all about forks in the road, choices, opportunities.

And cake.

“Just Because” Cake (cherry filled w/ white chocolate ganache)
~16 serves

2 boxes of Gluten and Diary free vanilla cake mixes
(all ingredients for the cake mixes)

1 c. cherry frosting
2 c. powdered/icing sugar
3 TB vegan spread/organic butter
1 TB lactose free plain yogurt or milk of your choosing

125gm/4oz diary free white chocolate, broken up until small pieces
1 TB vegan spread/organic butter
1 TB lactose free milk

Bake cakes according to directions.
Let cool.

In a medium bowl, mix together cherry frosting, powdered/icing sugar, vegan spread and plain yogurt. The original cherry frosting is A LOT thinner than this mixture. You need it to be more firm, because it’s going to be placed between two cakes!

Once the cakes have cooled and you’ve spread the filling in between them, I put the cakes into the fridge overnight, but 1 hour would do.

In a small sauce pan, over a low heat, add white chocolate, vegan spread and milk.
Stir constantly until just melted.
Take fridge out of the oven and pour half of the melted chocolate mixture in the centre working out towards the sides of the cake. Only half of the mixture!
I took the back of the spatula and pushed the ganache over the sides to add to the dripping down effect.

I waited about 5 minutes, let the chocolate cool a bit, then did the same motion of working from the centre of the cake to the outside, but didn’t push the chocolate over the edge as much. I wanted it to stay in the middle of the cake and cool.
I immediately placed the cake in the fridge to set for about 5 minutes.
Took it out and sprinkled the sprinkles on the top and then placed back into the fridge for it to completely set.

Everything is solved by a bit of cake..lets be honest. I love the inside of the cake, it’s a simple pretty palate of colors.

Sometimes, life calls for a bit of cake…just because.



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