Andrew’s Herb Smoked Chicken & Veggies

For the most part, I do most of the cooking. However, Andrew has some AWESOME dishes that he can whip up. It reminds me of Jenna’s man’s cedar plank salmon. They may not cook all the time, but when they do cook, it’s mouth-watering. The thing with Australians is that they love roast dinners (chicken, beef, pork) and they love to use their BBQs (it saves dishes and most of the year it’s too hot). So when I ask, sometimes beg for a roast, Andrew is happy because he doesn’t have to dirty a dish!

I grew up with BBQs, but nothing like the beauty of a weber. Then he threw in herbs from the garden and I was sold. It smokes itself and throws in such a nice, subtle, flavour throughout the meat and veggies.

Andrew’s Herb Smoked Chicken & Veggies
~3-4 serves

1 chicken (ours was 1.5kg/3+lbs)
olive oil
all purpose seasoning
1/4 of a butternut pumpkin/squash, in big chunks (2×3)
2 whole onions
2-3 potatoes, quartered
2 carrots, halved
huge whack of rosemary and cilantro/coriander (or could use sage as well)

Get your weber warmed up by adding coals and fire starters so you get a good heat going.
Cover chicken with olive oil and seasoning salt.
In a bowl throw in all veggies and onions. Cover with about 1 TB of olive oil, salt and pepper.
Place the veggies and chicken straight onto the BBQ. The veggies are totally fine being straight on the grill, just not directly over the coals.

Stuff the chicken with some of the herbs.
Then add handfuls of herbs to either side of the webber, under the grill.

It will start to smoke, that’s ok. Cover and cook until the chicken is done (about 1 hour). If the meat is going to take longer than an hour, place the veggies on there with about 1-1 1/2 hours to cook.

Enjoy!!! The chicken and veggies has a subtle, but amazing succulent juicy smoked flavour.



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